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Charging Solution

New Energy Asia Pacific Inc. offers a range of innovative and sustainable EV charging solutions, including public charging stations, wall box chargers, high-power and ultra-fast chargers, combo chargers, and battery swapping stations. Their goal is to provide reliable and efficient charging options that promote the adoption of electric vehicles and support a greener future.

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Free combination of 4 standards serving all electric vehicles

  • GB/T connectors for Chinese cars

  • CCS connectors for American and EU cars

  • CHAdeMO connectors for Japanese cars

  • AC Plug for early EV and hybrid cars



Independently certified and 3rd party tested according to relevant electrical safety standards.



Multiple power modules ensures continued operation in the event of single component failure



Always ready for the next generation of EVs, including trucks, vans and other special vehicles, with up to 1000V higher voltage output

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Standard battery modules, PCS modules, BMS, EMS and other systems are used to form standard containers to build large-scale grid-side energy storage projects. The standardized 10-foot container system can be configured with 645KWh/300KW or 430KWH/200KW energy storage system. The standardized and prefabricated design reduces the user's customization time and construction cost, and reduces the safety hazards and management risks caused by local installation differences. Meet the application needs of regional power grid such as peak shaving, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, emergency response, and new energy consumption, and ensure the normal operation of the power system.

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EV Charger and Storage Showroom
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